Amino Acids

Amino Acids

Often referred to as the building blocks of protein, amino acids are required by the body to aid tissue repair, growth, and maintenance. The vast majority of our cells and tissue are made up of amino acids, and they are essential for many important bodily functions. Whether for exercise recovery or general day to day tissue repair, sometimes we all need a little extra help.

Dr. Serrano’s successfully formulated 100% MR (to be taken with Muscle Synthesis) with proprietary amino acid ratios to promote a rapid absorption of the key raw materials needed to accelerate muscle growth, performance, daily energy, recovery and fat loss.   

Protein is required to build muscle, burn fat and elevate performance, but can be difficult to consume for those with busy working schedules.  This product delivers more amino acids to muscles, but all food sources, even protein powders, place limitations on how much raw materials actually end up in your muscle bellies that serve as your growth reserve.  The inability to absorb nutrients is a huge problem as people suffer from a series of food sensitivities or allergies created by over consumption of items such as eggs, milk and other sources of protein.  Amino acid loading with 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis proprietary ratios by-passes gastrointestinal absorption barriers that render other nutrient sources ineffective.

100% MR and Muscle Synthesis are complete protein sources, enabling them to be self-sufficient as a raw material source. Taken between meals and around training, the unique signals sent by 100% MR and Muscle Synthesis make the brain believe a massive amount of food has been consumed.  As a result metabolic rate increases dramatically, but there is nothing to burn except stored fat since the Proven Scientific blend of amino acids have no caloric burden.  The same anabolic signals drive high levels of mental focus while reducing the energy zapping impact of elevated stress.

100% MR and Muscle Synthesis are available from Holistics Online

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