Chakra Tuning Forks

Chakra Tuning Forks

This Chakra Tuning Forks Set help you get in touch with your body’s most subtle energies so that you can improve your overall sense of well-being. Using tuning forks as part of a sound therapy regimen can educate you on the location of energy in your body, how to sense it, and how to enhance your overall awareness of it so that you can understand its behaviour and its impact on the way you feel.

Each zone of the body, or Chakra, corresponds with an important part of your being:

    8th – Soul Purpose Chakra : Clearing of the soul, re-establishing connection to the divine. The Chakra colour is Purple.
    7th – Crown Chakra : Knowingness and dedication to divine consciousness and trusting the universe; connection to a higher power. The Chakra colour is Red/Violet-Purple.
    6th – Third Eye Chakra : Intuition, self-realization, and releasing negative thoughts. The Chakra colour is Bright-Yellow-Orange.
    5th – Throat Chakra : Trust, loyalty, organization, and truthful expression of oneself. The Chakra colour is Blue.
    4th – Heart (Same as OM) Chakra : Relationships, love, compassion, forgiveness, and acceptance. The Chakra colour is Blue-Green.
    3rd – Solar Plexus Chakra : Personal power, intellect, self-confidence, and self-control. The Chakra colour is Green.
    2nd – Sacral Chakra : Feelings and connecting with others. The Chakra colour is Orange.
    1st – Root Chakra : Survival and the ability to defend one’s self. The Chakra colour is Orange-Red.

By using the appropriate tuning fork on the corresponding Chakra, you can bring the energies back into alignment so that you experience your best quality of life at every possible level. When your Chakras are brought back into balance, you feel connected to yourself, your higher power, and to others. You feel physically, emotionally, and mentally well. Let sound therapy and the power of Chakra Tuning Forks bring you back into balance so that you too can realize your fullest potential.

    List of included forks and frequencies
        8th – Soul Purpose … 272.20 Hz
        7th – Crown … 172.06 Hz
        6th – Third Eye … 221.23 Hz
        5th – Throat … 141.27 Hz
        4th – Heart (Same as OM) … 136.10 Hz
        3rd – Solar Plexus … 126.22 Hz
        2nd – Sacral … 210.42 Hz
        1st – Root … 194.18 Hz
Each Chakra Tuning Fork Set includes precisely-tuned (to 0.01 Hz) aluminium tuning forks and a velvet carrying pouch.

These tuning forks are made from a special Aluminium Alloy that is heat treated giving them a very pure tone. The single fundamental frequency will remain constant for up to 15-20 years and the non-tarnishing material will not rust or corrode. Each fork is tuned by hand to an accuracy of /- 0.25% or better.

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