• Tesla Electron Stabiliser

The Electron Stbiliser is wrapped around a main electrical cable within the household, such as the cable from the television.After attaching the Electron Stabiliser some of the most common comments from clients are:

Less fatigue
seeming to have more energy
less static in the computer
calmer work environment
less eyestrain while working on the computer
improved quality of sleep

The Electron Stabiliser is designed to lift the heaviness that electrically sensitive people feel when exposed to EMF and EMR in the home.

What is EMF?

EMF (Electromagnetic Fields) is a term used to describe the invisible electric and magnetic fields that radiate from man-made alternating electrical current. EMF radiate from all electrical appliances in the home, office or factory, cars, trucks and buses, also overhead tram and train lines.

What is EMR?

EMR (Electromagnetic Radiation) is a term used to describe an invisible form of man-made frequencies, transmitted through the atmosphere. Some common forms of EMR are TV and radio waves, microwaves, radar, X -rays etc.

Studies have shown positive ionization from electrical appliances computers, stereos, etc has been linked to many health issues.

Why the Electron Stabiliser?

The Electron Stabiliser came about when Nikola Tesla became aware that the alternating current he had created would be far too strong for the human energy field to withstand. Tesla issued the scientific community with a warning:

"The alternating current I have invented will prove to be the most dangerous thing on earth and I must find an alternative."

The Electron Stabiliser causes the flow of electrons to go from chaotic to coherent. This causes the electrical frequency to be more harmonious with the human body also quieter and more efficient electrical motors (fridges etc).

You have it for life - nothing to replace and no ongoing costs.

The electron stabiliser may not be in stock, and will need to be ordered from our supplier. This will take approxiamatley 10-14 days to arrive with us. Please ask about the stock when placing your order.

All Tesla products come with an instructional leaflet explaining how to appropriately fit each one.

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Tesla Electron Stabiliser

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