Flower Essences and NES Infoceuticals

Flower Essences

The Sun Essence flower combinations/remedies have been chosen and combined to support all aspects of a given problem, making sure there is something for everyone. In addition they have included something for protection, tension relief, balance, and strengthening, which makes the combination more versatile and effective. Choose a specific flower essence to support you at this time, whatever your challenges may be.

NES Infoceuticals

NEs infoceuticals represent a quantum leap in helping you achieve optimum wellbeing. they are liquid energetic remedies 'imprinted' with bio-information. Infoceuticals address issues in your energetic system from the ground up, helping to correct blockages and imbalances that can affect your overall physical and emotional condition.

an appropriate number of 'drops' helps returns your body's energy flow to its perfect, natural state, where its own innate healing intelligence can do what it is designed to do. your body's ability to heal itself is a miracle of nature. NES products encourage that miracle by helping activate your body's own healing system.

Infoceuticals are safe, effective and easy to use.