Mitochondrial Support
Cellular SupportYour body is made up of trillions of cells. Therefore supporting your cells is imperative to creating optimal health and wellbeing. Each individual cell has an important role to play in your everyday function, whether it is an eye cell, liver cell, heart cell etc. Biochemical reactions take place within the cell that is responding to the immediate needs and functions which your organs, tissue and blood require. For Mitochondria support, Mitochondrial Restore formula is recommended to help naturally support the decline of mitochondrial function associated with met..
Amino Acids
Often referred to as the building blocks of protein, amino acids are required by the body to aid tissue repair, growth, and maintenance. The vast majority of our cells and tissue are made up of amino acids, and they are essential for many important bodily functions. Whether for exercise recovery or general day to day tissue repair, sometimes we all need a little extra help. Dr. Serrano’s successfully formulated 100% MR (to be taken with Muscle Synthesis) with proprietary amino acid ratios to promote a rapid absorption of the key raw materials needed to accelerate muscle growth, p..
Vitamin C
Vitamin C, or L-ascorbic acid, is a water-soluble essential vitamin. It is a very popular dietary supplement due to its antioxidant properties and safety.Vitamin C is often supplemented to reduce the symptoms of the common cold. However, vitamin C is unable to reduce the frequency of colds in a healthy population. An athlete supplementing vitamin C, on the other hand, can expect to cut the risk of getting a cold in half. Supplemental vitamin C is able to reduce the duration of a cold by 8-14% in any population, when it is taken as a daily preventative measure, or at the beginning of a..
Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is a vitamin-like compound found in red meat, oily fish, certain plants – and practically every cell of the human body – CoQ10 is vital for health. Not getting enough of it has been linked to numerous health conditions ranging from gum disease to heart failure.COQ10 can also enhance blood flow and protect the blood vessels. This mechanism is related to nitric oxide preservation, as seen with grape seed extract, pycnogenol, and resveratrol. COQ10 can reduce the damage oxidized Low-density Lipoprotein (LDL) can do to blood vessels, as well as reduce plaque build-up in the ar..
Optimal Sleep
Optimal Sleep    May help support a healthy sleep-wake cycleMay help support the body’s healthy response to stressMay help promote a feeling of relaxationMay help support healthy moodOptimal Sleep by Seeking Health is a broad-spectrum blend of vitamin B6, calming magnesium, ashwagandha and 5-HTP that provides natural support for a restful night’s sleep without leaving you in a morning fog upon waking. A good night’s sleep is an important part of mental and physical health during waking hours. Diet, anxiety or stress, hormones, activity levels, and the external environment are al..
Vitamin D & K
Vitamin D is a fat-soluble nutrient. It is one of the 24 micronutrients critical for human survival. The sun is the major natural source of the nutrient, but vitamin D is also found naturally in fish and eggs. It is also added to dairy products.Supplemental vitamin D is associated with a wide range of benefits, including increased cognition, immune health, bone health and well-being. Supplementation can also reduce the risks of cancer, heart disease, diabetes and multiple sclerosis. People deficient in vitamin D may also experience increased testosterone levels after supplementation..
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Nutritional Support for Healthy Joint Function
Arthro SelectThis product is nutritional support for healthy joint function.Diminished joint function causes limited range of motion, persistent pain and discomfort and is believed to be a hallmark of aging. Yet joint pain is not a normal condition, even if it is common, and it is possible to identify and treat the fundamental cause of inflammation. Clinical studies reveal that certain micronutrients have properties that calm the inflammation response and reduce swelling. This formula is a synergistic blend of innate (produced in the body) micronutrients, anti-inflammatory compounds, botanical..
The earth is a six sextillion (that’s six followed by twenty-one zeros) metric ton battery that is continually being replenished by solar radiation, lightning and heat from its deep down molten core.  And just like a car battery that keeps the motor running and the wheels turning, so too do the rhythmic pulsations of natural energy flowing through and emanating from the surface of the earth.    This keeps the biological machinery of global life running in rhythm and balance for everything that lives on the land or in the sea. Throughout history humans have strolled, sat, sl..
Your eyes are such an important part of your everyday life. Without them, life would be a lot more difficult. This means that it is important to do whatever you can to protect your eyes. There are ailments that you may be able to prevent or to stave off as long as possible through the use of diet and supplements as well as through avoiding certain activities. However, diet seems to have some of the best results in keeping your eyes and this is one of the easiest things that you can do in order to help your eye health.Why does eye health start to falter? One of the more common of reasons for ey..
The term “organic” refers to the way agricultural products are grown and processed. Specific requirements must be met and maintained in order for products to be labeled as “organic.” Organic crops must be grown in safe soil with no modifications. There can be no use of pesticides, GMOs or petroleum- or sewage sludge-based fertilizers. Any actual livestock must be able to access the outdoors and must be fed organic feed. They are not allowed to be given antibiotics, growth hormones, or any animal-by-products.Organic foods have a multitude of benefits. It has been shown that organic foods have m..
Ora Mune and Derma Mune products, produced by Immune Therapy Research, are the best supplements in the field at supporting the immune system. They contain ingredients supported by a signifcant body of scientific evidence and work towards promoting optimal health without any side effects.  Immune Therapy Research Laboratory was founded by Said Youdim PhD., the current director of research and development. Dr. Youdim received his bachelor’s degree in Microbiology from the university of California in Los Angeles and his doctoral degree in immunology and biochemistry from Baylor University. H..
A Brief History of Orgone ResearchIn the 1930's and 1940's, Dr. Wilhelm Reich was able to detect and measure the existence of etheric energy (life energy, chi, etc.), which he called orgone, using a modified geiger counter.Dr. Reich determined that stacking alternating layers an organic substance & an inorganic substance would actually attract and collect orgone/etheric energy of both the life-beneficial positive form.He constructed large boxes called orgone accumulators or "oracs" using this simple layering principle and was able to successfully heal his patients of various ailments, incl..
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