Holistics Online is a company established on a set a principles and values to provide an eclectic collection of quality and effective products, that are well researched and provide the outcome that they were produced for. Over the years Holistics Online has evolved from once being a place where Emma’s clients could locate good quality products in one place, to what it is today – an outlet that gives the general public the products they need to support their health and wellbeing in the best way that they can. Holistics Online also prides itself on its practitioner only offering, allowing registered practitioners the opportunity to purchase higher potency therapeutic products to use with their clients. Practitioners and members of the public alike can be assured that all products have been through a rigorous pre-approval process and that we only offer products that we know work from Emma's experiences in practice, other practitioners' feedback and/or research and science. Where possible we source products with the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) classification for strict quality standards and actively look for products with the least amount of flow agents, stabilisers, additives etc.